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On a sad Friday night I was home and sad because I just had the final break up with Jack, the father of my son. He had been in and out of rehab and even jail (at later times) for his unconsollable drug addiction. As my mind was going through the good times that turned sour between the two of us, I got a call from a best friend of mine, inviting me to a party in her house. Although, I was not willing to go, I had no option than to accept her invitation. On her part, she saw the offer as an opportunity for me to come out of my shell, my sadness!

Well, to my utmost suprise, I got to her house and met her chatting on the internet on seek bang. As she was about getting to the tail kitchen to prepare us dinner, she held my hand and advised me not to give up on myself. She advised me to try my luck and consider dating online. She recommended me to a web site. I reluctantly joined the site and she helped me set up my profile. In a matter of minutes, I received a friend request from Joel. His profile was quite impressive. Something in my heart told me that he was the man for me. At that time, my best friend noticed my interest in this guy so she advised I became friends with him.

That gave me the impetus to give this guy from seek bang my attention and he turned all his attention at me and we began... We talked a couple of weeks on the internet and shared our contacts and phone numbers with each other. Two nights after we shared our contacts, he gave me a call and we chatted till the break of dawn. He lived in New York and I stayed in West Virginia. On so many occasions. He would travel down to my place and we would spend moments of quality time together. We fell in love and it was like our love was made from heaven. Then, he never knew I had a son named Mitchel. He was a heart surgeon, while I just lost my job. I was thinking of being my own boss at that time before we met. Joel never minded the fact that I was jobless.

Although he was so nice and his heart was filled with the blood of kindness for humanity as a doctor. He found out that I had a child. But the major seekbang problem was that, Joel, as a matter of policy, never liked the idea of marrying a lady who already had a son for another man, who was especially a drug addict. I tried explaining things to him but rather than understand, he just would not! So, my child would be the stumbling block that stood in the way of me getting married to Joel, though we love each other so much. But, this was the last straw that broke the camel's back!


Joel had to sit me down. He explained with emotions but firmly why he would stick to his stand on the issue. To him, he could not live with the child of a drug addict under his roof. "What if the father of the child files a suit against me for keeping his son in my own care?